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A selection of experiences over the years at London Retreat, happily shared by My devotees .

It was my first time so I was slightly nervous and anxious about what to expect. Lauren soon put me at ease, made me comfortable and made me horny!!

A well-spoken girl, Lauren is really filthy. Anything I wanted, she delivered. 

I would recommend Lauren to anyone who is looking for someone to fulfill all fantasies 

- Footfairy

Lauren is a natural at picking the right tone and the session was brilliant. 

My treatment ranged from seductive to quite cruel ( " Let's see which testicle can take more pain " ; " I warned you that you would be gagged if you made a sound " ). A lovely end to the session with pleasure and nipple pain by an expert who can read my mind. Wow!!


Visit Lauren if you want to blow your mind 

- Spartacus


First visit to the Retreat in a long time. Met Lauren and was enchanted from the outset. She is stunning ( even more so in her fetish outfit ). She listens to your wishes and limitations and understands immediately. The session itself was mind-blowing.

Thank you Lauren. Will definitely be back to visit you again.

- Rxxx

Lauren greeted me with a tender kiss and asked my preferences. I was wanting to be spanked, cane-thrashed.

She warmed me with a hard and affectionate spanking and thrashed my bum cheeks with my chosen three stinging canes, exactly how I asked which was to create two-week welts that I can feel when I sit. This angel then threw in ten swats with my own hairbrush over her lap and fifty cane stripes in thirty precious minutes of intimate intense closeness. 

I'm saving up to come again.


First-time visitor, curious to explore this well-known establishment that is The London Retreat. Discreet location, immaculate inside, felt a safe and positive place. Put at ease immediately. 

Lauren is stunning and I was under her spell immediately. Very easy to talk to, listens without judgement making me feel like an individual, not a punter. Her professional demeanour and natural allure is hypnotising which had my heart racing. 

She created a perfectly-timed session which had me dreaming of returning soon. A very fanciable, gentle but authoritative figure indeed.

- Tim

I've seen Lauren lots of times as she always seems to make the extra effort to vary her sessions.

I was dressed as a sissy slut in high heels when she entered the room. After examining my cock that was already rock hard inside my silky red knickers, she attached strong nipple clamps to my tits and gave them a hard squeeze. I was then bent over and given 20 strokes with her riding crop, gradually getting harder till I was begging her to stop.

It was then over to. the bed when I got on all fours ready for her to ram her big strap-on inside my tight ass. She gave me a good pounding before turning me over, shackling me to the bed and then riding my cock. I tried to hold on for as long as possible but eventually exploded.

Great session as always 

- Tony

I think I might be in love with Mistress Lauren. I've been a semi-regular at The Retreat for a few years now and have recently organised my visits around the days she is working.

I am into bondage, submission and humilliation and that's what I got. I was tied, fully-clothed and blindfolded to the cross with my cock in a chastity device to make it impossible for me to get hard. Lauren then cut and ripped off my clothes, leaving me naked. When I was finally allowed out of chastity, I was tied to the gynaecology chair so that my cock and balls could be tied up for hot wax to be dripped on them till I begged for mercy. When freed, I was caned and I'm still feeling it 4 days later.

The session could not have gone better and I will be back. Lauren is too good to miss.

- John

Amazing girl in an amazing setting. You took control of my mind and body and I haven't stopped thinking about it since.

A truly liberating experience. Highly addictive.

I will be back. THANK YOU!!!


I can assure you with all certainty that you would be making a tremendous error to not see this lady.

Lauren is everything you hope she might be and so, so much more. She is genuinely stunning and is able to give you exactly the session you want ( as well as some things you might not know you wanted ).

What actually surprised me the most about our meeting was just how amazing Lauren is as a person. She has a beautiful soul and it shines through as soon as you meet her. But don't think she can't do you  some harm if you wish it.

I will absolutely see Lauren again!!

- Dr P

My first visit to London Retreat and it exceeded my expectations. 

Very friendly greeting on arrival and a wonderful session with Lauren. She led the session perfectly and left me completely satisfied. Already looking forward to the next time.

- Marc

I've been seeing Lauren at The Retreat regularly for over eight years now but t he intensity and the fun has never dropped off. In fact, it just gets better and better.

Lauren is such fun and so experienced and creative, it's wild.

And she so obviously enjoys everything she does which always means a great time for me too.

- David

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