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Get To know Me


I invite you into my world, a realm of fantasy and excitement which will leave you enthralled as I take you on a breathtaking journey during which you will feel and revel in my power as I take full control of you deriving joy from your submission and pleasure from your servitude. Give yourself to me and you will have the time of your life. I delight in drawing on your deepest fantasies, turning them into reality during the time you and I are together.

My being and presence will hold you captive from the moment you set your eyes on me. You will be transfixed by my beauty, spellbound by the sound of my voice. I will guide you to accept the demands and desires  that I place upon you. While stepping into my world you will empty yourself of your will and independence, you will nevertheless feel secure, inspired and comforted by my reassuring manner. I will provide you with the confidence and launchpad to reach for the heights of your wildest dreams and imagination.

I enjoy my life and work as a Dominatrix offering sessions by appointment in a number of well-appointed luxurious dungeons in Central London and The City. From May 2024 I am beginning to tour the Midlands and Derbyshire, bringing my distinctive style of kink and BDSM to a new appreciative audience in the north and Midlands. Please follow my account on the X platform for announcements and updates to my sessions.

Being a professional, I am thorough in my approach ensuring I bring a consumate and comprehensive experience to all who come my way seeking to explore the world of Kink and BDSM and those in search of the pinnacle in alternative pleasures.

Never be apprehensive about opening your thoughts and hopes to Me. I enjoy the exploration of kinks, driving dreams of deviance and sexual fantasies to fulfilment. Of that  you may be assured.

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