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Feel My Passions


I want to receive your submission, offered to me on your knees, smell your apprehension yet inevitable and inexorable excitement. I wish to see you strive to be at your best taking whatever form of encouragement that I visit upon you and finally to savour the joys of your success in meeting all the challenges I place before you knowing that you have proven yourself worthy of having your inner desires and fantasies liberated by Me.

When in My controlling presence,  it is imperative that You are aware of the passions that drive Me in this luminously dark and exciting world of O/ours. I am naturally adept at many fetish pursuits with the following being My absolute favourites.


I am passionate about administering corporal punishment, the cane being My favourite instrument. While short sharp sessions are possible I relish long spells of having you at my mercy, building up the atmosphere and your tolerance with whips and floggers till you are ready to accept the cane when We would both fly.


            ROLE PLAY 

In My presence, you will soon be aware that My imagination especially for the perverse is limitless and I excel at creating a wealth of scenarios that lead to many a charged encounter. Be assured that I will lead you patiently, focusing your mind on achieving the dreams and fantasies that compelled you to seek an audience in My realm. 


The sensuous feel and visual excitement of various colours and textures offered by a multitude of  materials are elements that support the creative process that I use to enhance all of My Being and Presence. This then leads to the success of each and every meeting as your senses are awakened as never before

Additional fetish pursuits include:-

Anal Play

Ball Busting


Body Worship


Chastity Play

Double Domme



Foot Worship


Medical Play

Mummification Play

Nipple Play

Orgasm Control

Tie & Tease

Sensory Deprivation

Sissy Plays

StrapOn Play



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