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I receive submissive clients both male and female by appointment at selected luxury dungeon premises in North and East London along with a play space in South West London.

Now that you have studied My website in detail you may submit your humble application to serve Me. Either email Me directly on

or use the Application Form on this page.

I will receive polite enquiries by telephone 

on 07562 520829.

Please note that to deter time-wasters and no-shows, deposits will be required. Arrangements will be finalised at the time of booking and the amount of the deposit will be deducted from the total cost of your session. Bookings will need to be confirmed by 9pm on the evening prior to the appointment and an hour before the commencement of the session.

Although I take appointments in advance I will also receive Same-Day applications to serve Me. You will need to DM me on X to ascertain availability.

Please be aware that there are certain observations were you to be permitted to come into My presence.

- You should arrive clean and well-groomed. Needless to say you should not be intoxicated or under the influence

- Be on time

- Please have My tribute ready and presented to Me  in an unsealed envelope 

- Treat Me with respect. No intemperate language

- I appreciate that things can get in the way of even the best-laid plans but if you feel the need to cancel, please have the courtesy to do so well in advance

- Do not stay past the arranged time without prior agreement.


Contact Information

Level of Experience

Thanks for submitting!I will respond in around 48 hours.

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